The Innovative Finance ISA Guide

For Experienced Investors

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A comprehensive free guide providing experienced investors with an overview of the Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) and information on how high earners can use it to make their money work harder.

This guide explains how you can;
- diversify your portfolio with P2P loans or unlisted bonds
- manage risk by understanding the underlying asset classes
- potentially achieve a better return on your investment
- use an IFISA as part of your retirement planning strategy


As a high earner, it's likely you will want to maximise the returns your hard earned capital can generate, whilst taking a balanced approach towards investment risk.

In the current climate, investors have been faced with a confusing investment scene. Interest rates have been low, and available financial returns often fail to match the rate of inflation, eroding the value of investments.

On top of this, cuts to pension allowances mean that higher earners are now looking for alternative, tax-efficient methods as they plan for retirement.

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Author of the Innovative Finance ISA Guide

"The Innovative Finance ISA market is growing rapidly, with more than £1 billion invested since April 2016. For investors happy to take on more risk, the IFISA is a viable alternative investment product because, in the current climate, traditional Cash ISAs are struggling to offer returns that even match the rate of inflation."

How can investing into an IFISA maximise returns and lower risk tax efficiently?

Download your free guide by Simon Lenney, Carlton Bonds Chairman and former Barclays Bank and Yorkshire Bank Area Director.