Investing & Withdrawing Money

How do I invest into CARLTON Bonds?

Experienced investors can invest into CARLTON Bonds using our easy-to-use online platform.

How do I transfer an ISA into a CARLTON Bonds IFISA?

If you decide to transfer funds from an existing ISA into a CARLTON Bonds IFISA - which you are able to do without affecting your current ISA allowance - the process is straightforward.

How do I withdraw money?

A guide to withdrawing money on the CARLTON Bonds platform.

What happens after I invest?

An overview of what happens after you invest into CARLTON Bonds.

How long does it take to invest?

For experienced investors, investing into CARLTON Bonds is a quick and easy process.

When is interest paid?

A guide to when your interest is paid, and how long it will usually take to receive payment.