When is interest paid?

A guide to when your interest is paid, and how long it will usually take to receive payment.


When your interest payments are made will depend on the bond series and interest payment frequency you have chosen. Series one bonds run for up to four years and offer the option of interest payments being rolled up and paid on maturity, or you can choose to have your interest payments paid quarterly. Series two bonds run for up to two years, and similarly offer the option of interest payments being paid on maturity, or quarterly. 

Interest accrual on all bonds will begin from the date of issue of a bondholder certificate. Where Interest is paid quarterly, interest shall be paid by the Company on the last business day of June, September, December and March with the final payment being made on the redemption date. Where interest is payable on redemption of the bond, the interest shall be paid on the redemption date.

Interest payment will usually take between 1-3 working days to appear in your bank account.