What are the benefits of a SSAS?

A SSAS benefits from the usual features of a more traditional pension scheme, such as a tax free lump sum at retirement, no income tax on permitted investments and no capital gains tax on the disposal of investments.

However, it is the increased flexibility of a SSAS that brings major benefits to its members.


One of the main benefits of a SSAS is the control that it permits members over where the scheme’s funds are invested. This flexibility also means that a SSAS can be a great vehicle for business growth, as they can be used to grant a secured loan to the sponsoring company - of up to 50% of the fund value of the SSAS - or to purchase shares in the business.

In addition to the benefits a SSAS shares with other pension schemes, they also have their own benefits, which can be especially useful for business owners. These SSAS benefits include;

  • The ability to make a loan back to the sponsoring company, or the option to purchase shares in the sponsoring company. The potential to purchase commercial property and lease back to the business - or any other third party.
  • Business owners and their employees can group their pension assets.
  • The ability to make third party loans to unconnected businesses.
  • They allow investment in non-standard assets.
  • They only have one scheme charge - even if there are several members - so they can be cost-effective.



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