Ways to invest

For experienced investors only. CARLTON Bonds offer a flexible approach to investing, and you can invest with an IFISA, SIPP, SSAS or direct.

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Investing with an IFISA

The IFISA allows you to invest in a Carlton Bond whilst enjoying the tax advantages of traditional ISAs. With the annual ISA allowance now at £20,000, many investors are looking for ways to diversify their portfolio, and with Carlton Bonds offering target returns up to 7.75% p.a. this really sets the IFISA apart for those more sophisticated savers and investors happy to take more risk.

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Investing with a SIPP or SSAS

It may be possible to hold Carlton Bonds in your SIPP or SSAS. HMRC has set out guidelines for what can and can’t be included. In addition, each SIPP or SSAS operator has their own policies and rules on which investments their beneficiaries can hold. Please contact a member of the Customer Service Team on 0330 124 1590 to find out more about investing using your SIPP or SSAS.

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Investing direct

Direct investment is an option for businesses looking for a better return on surplus cash or for investors who have invested the maximum in pensions and ISAs.